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Thread: Low Quality Image Scaling in Firefox

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    Red face Low Quality Image Scaling in Firefox

    Firefox 3.0 includes a really awesome zoom feature that now scales images as well as text. In Windows, the images scale nicely. In Ubuntu 8.04, they become pixellated very quickly.

    Is it possible to change this so that better resampling is used?

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    Re: Low Quality Image Scaling in Firefox

    Unlikely till Firefox is updated.

    I'd noticed this - although I only use Firefox for work (for Firebug). It made me worry for a while that there were problems with the images on the website I'm currently building...

    Opera has had a similar but much better feature for a while (it intelligently either zooms the whole screen or just increases the text size without scaling the layout depending on whether it detects a fixed or fluid layout).

    Sadly Opera 9.5 and Firefox 3 seem to be competing for buginess at the moment, although this may be a bit harsh - difficult to know all the time if its them or Hardy Heron.

    -- Tim.
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    Re: Low Quality Image Scaling in Firefox

    I've found this as well, the page scaling feature is really useful on my screen as it's quite small (15.4") but has a reasonably high resolution (1680x1050) making some pages hard to read at standard viewing size. In windows the image scaling is great, smooth, works really well, in ubuntu (possibly just linux version in general as I havn't used any other distro since FF3's release) the scaling looks quite bad, I mean I can live with it, something so small isn't gonna drive me back to windows. But I'm just curious. I would have thought that the new rendering engine in FF3 would have been able to do this well regardless of the OS.
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    Re: Low Quality Image Scaling in Firefox

    I agree. I really hope the firefox team improves the zoom function in the ubuntu version. (although of course the enhanced desktop zoom function in compiz is the real lifesaver anyway)


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