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Thread: Ubuntu Shuts down (almost ?)

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    Ubuntu Shuts down (almost ?)


    I've got a problem, & i'm not sure how to find the cause...

    Every now & again, my Ubuntu machine shuts down - Screen goes blank, but PC is still "on".)

    I'm running WINXP / LInux on 2 boxes - Using Synergy between them...

    My synergy connection is closed/shut, & if I press a key on my Linux/Ubuntu box - Nothing happens.

    Its only started tonight/today. & if I press a key on my linux box - It doesn't 'waken' (as if it was asleep)..

    Its completely shut - But my linux PC box lights are still on..

    QUESTION :- Is there a setting I can do, to "log" these shut-downs ?

    QUESTION :- Does anyoneknow / think of somewhere I can even start to diagmose this

    - I can't use the Keyboard - Nothing happens...

    The only way I can turn it on, is to turn off - Then on again..

    Any ideas welcome.


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    Re: Ubuntu Shuts down (almost ?)


    Its happened twice tonight...

    Looking for "sleep" or "shut down" - But as yet, I can't find why its closing the PC

    (it is still "on" - PC lights are on, & screen light is on ..) - But screen is black & wont "wake up"

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    Re: Ubuntu Shuts down (almost ?)

    You might try looking in the logs for pm-suspend.log and messages at/or around the time it happens, if you are correct about it sleeping there might be something there.

    Have you tried the magic sysrq key?


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