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Thread: can't find lpt port

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    can't find lpt port

    Hi all!

    I'm new in ubuntu.

    Install Ubuntu 9.10 for using JTAG throw LPT port and can't find /dev/parport0 or /dev/lp0.

    Motherboard: GA-P43-ES3G

    How can i solve this problem?

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    Re: can't find lpt port

    Silly suggestion ..... is parallel port enabled in the bios ??
    Both /dev/parport0 & /dev/lp0 are present on my server box, which has port enabled.
    Neither are present on my laptop which has port disabled in bios.
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    Hakunamatata ...... No worries !

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    Re: can't find lpt port

    Yes. Port is enabled in the BIOS with the following parameters:
    Address: 378 / IRQ7
    Mode: SPP

    Result of lsmod | grep lp
    maxwell@Maxwell-pc:~$ lsmod | grep lp
    lp                      8964  0 
    parport                35340  2 ppdev,lp
    Result of ls /dev
    maxwell@Maxwell-pc:~$ ls /dev
    adsp             mem                 rtc0        tty0   tty4   urandom
    audio            mixer               scd0        tty1   tty40  usb
    binder           net                 sda         tty10  tty41  usbmon0
    block            network_latency     sda1        tty11  tty42  usbmon1
    bus              network_throughput  sda2        tty12  tty43  usbmon2
    cdrom            null                sda5        tty13  tty44  usbmon3
    cdrw             nvidia0             sda6        tty14  tty45  usbmon4
    char             nvidiactl           sdb         tty15  tty46  usbmon5
    console          oldmem              sdb1        tty16  tty47  usbmon6
    core             pktcdvd             sdb2        tty17  tty48  usbmon7
    cpu_dma_latency  port                sdb3        tty18  tty49  usbmon8
    disk             ppp                 sdb5        tty19  tty5   vcs
    dsp              psaux               sdc         tty2   tty50  vcs1
    dvd              ptmx                sdd         tty20  tty51  vcs2
    dvdrw            pts                 sde         tty21  tty52  vcs3
    ecryptfs         ram0                sdf         tty22  tty53  vcs4
    fd               ram1                sequencer   tty23  tty54  vcs5
    full             ram10               sequencer2  tty24  tty55  vcs6
    fuse             ram11               sg0         tty25  tty56  vcs7
    hidraw0          ram12               sg1         tty26  tty57  vcs8
    hidraw1          ram13               sg2         tty27  tty58  vcsa
    input            ram14               sg3         tty28  tty59  vcsa1
    kmsg             ram15               sg4         tty29  tty6   vcsa2
    log              ram2                sg5         tty3   tty60  vcsa3
    loop0            ram3                sg6         tty30  tty61  vcsa4
    loop1            ram4                shm         tty31  tty62  vcsa5
    loop2            ram5                snapshot    tty32  tty63  vcsa6
    loop3            ram6                snd         tty33  tty7   vcsa7
    loop4            ram7                sndstat     tty34  tty8   vcsa8
    loop5            ram8                sr0         tty35  tty9   zero
    loop6            ram9                stderr      tty36  ttyS0
    loop7            random              stdin       tty37  ttyS1
    mapper           rfkill              stdout      tty38  ttyS2
    mcelog           rtc                 tty         tty39  ttyS3

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    Re: can't find lpt port

    Problem solve.
    maxwell@Maxwell-pc:~$ modprobe parport
    maxwell@Maxwell-pc:~$ sudo modprobe parport_pc io=0x378 irq=7
    maxwell@Maxwell-pc:~$ lsmod | grep par
    parport_pc             31940  1 
    parport                35340  3 parport_pc,ppdev,lp
    maxwell@Maxwell-pc:~$ sudo rmmod lp


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