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Thread: Patch Day, May 5th 2010

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    Patch Day, May 5th 2010

    The Ubuntu Reviewers Team would like to announce the first Patch Day, which will take place on May 5, 2010. For those of you not familiar with the problem we are trying to solve, I have blogged about it.

    Patch Day is a concept similar to Hug Days, where we will test patches and forward working patches upstream. If the bug is critical enough, we will try to get the patch applied in Ubuntu immediately. We’d like your help to get these submissions reviewed and if necessary sent upstream so that they don’t bitrot and to encourage people to continue helping us improve open source software.

    We will be following the Review Guide for reviewing patches. Reviewer Leaders can sign up to be contacts on an hourly basis. Contact responsibilties include helping to answer questions from new contributors, unsubscribing the ~ubuntu-reviewers team when required,
    and answering development-related questions.

    If you’re a newbie looking for a way to start getting involved with Ubuntu development? Patch review is where we need your help.

    With that we leave you with an anecdote from Bryce Harrington on why we should try to get a handle on these patches:

    “Yesterday, I looked through the ‘audacious’ bugs (a music player I use which has been quite buggy). I saw half a dozen patches posted, and thought, “Wow, someone’s been active, I should sponsor these!” Then, I looked and saw they were all patches I had made and posted 1.5 yrs ago hoping someone would sponsor them :-/”

    Originally sent to the ubuntu-devel mailing list by Nigel Babu on Tue Apr 6 19:40:19 BST 2010


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    Re: Patch Day, May 5th 2010

    Please take a look at these paper cuts with patches attached. We only need 4 more paper cuts to make 100, and here's a list of 32 paper cuts with patches attached. Surely we can commit patches from 4 on this list: 32 unfixed paper cuts with patches attached


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