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Thread: Getting "E297: Write error in swap file" error!

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    Getting "E297: Write error in swap file" error!

    Dear All,

    I am new to Linux, I have installed Ubuntu in my laptop wich has windows Vista OS.

    When I try to create new file in my home directory, I am getting the error - E297 and E303.
    I guess no space left in my home directory to create or write any files in my home directory.

    While installing the Ubuntu, I have exported the Windows Documents, so I believe it has occupied the whole space in this partition(18.5 GB).

    Help me how to unmount the windows documents and make use of the memory allocated for Ubuntu.

    When I run the df command in my terminal it gives-

    File system 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted On
    /dev/sda7 18239964 17379588 0 100% /

    Thank You,

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    Re: Getting "E297: Write error in swap file" error!

    Hi, if you have free space on the partition that windows is, you can boot a Ubuntu live cd and use gparted (System>Admin>Partition Editor) and shrink down you windows partition and increase the size of the Ubuntu partition, using the resize function.
    Remember to backup your important stuff before working on partitions.
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