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Thread: Admin Login to User Account

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    Admin Login to User Account

    I have several PC's running Ubuntu/Gnome at home. I am wondering if there is a way as admin that I can log into one of my kid's user accounts with an admin/root password. I realize thru a terminal I can use sudo to gain access to any files, but I want to be able to run from the desktop occasionally.

    The only solution I know of right now is to set a password that we both know (I'd prefer to let them pick their own since we've had issues with them logging into someone else's account), or to reset their password when I want access. I'd prefer a simple temporary override sort of like sudo does in a terminal.


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    Re: Admin Login to User Account

    You can use sudo/gksudo to run any application as another user.

    To switch to user uname:
    sudo -u uname -i
    <run commands as uname>
    exit    #or press Ctrl+d
    For GUI applications use gksudo:
    xhost +SI:localuser:uname
    gksudo -u uname -l "firefox"
    gksudo -u uname -l "nautilus --no-desktop"
    xhost -SI:localuser:uname
    Or you can start a gnome-session on one of the virtual terminals:
    sudo -u uname -i xinit /usr/bin/gnome-session -- :3 vt9
    The above code starts the session on vt9, so you can press Ctrl+Alt+F7 (or F8) and Ctrl+Alt+F9 to switch back and forth between the sessions.


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