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Thread: Bug in ASUS Laptops that breaks Linux ACPI

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    Exclamation Bug in ASUS Laptops that breaks Linux ACPI

    I just bought an ASUS m51TA. Ubuntu, or any other Linux for that matter, will not work with ACPI support.

    So, after google-ing around for a while, and testing a few things, it turns out that there is a Bug in the BIOS, exactly identical to the famous Foxconn ACPI bug:

    I contacted ASUS via email. After a (very) long email correspondence, in which I pointed out that the problem was in the BIOS (hardware) which is covered by their warranty. They proceeded to BS me about how they only supported VISTA being installed. I pointed out to them that the bug broke ACPI compliance, (as far as I could interpret), by not making availability of ACPI functions OS-independent.

    There are (from what I can see) two options:

    ASUS fixes the bug (and I can be happy).


    I flash the bios with a custom .rom image and according to tech support VOID my warranty.

    I provided a link to the fix. Despite the availability of a fix, and the nature of the bug, ASUS has basically stonewalled me.

    Correspondence up to this point can be found at:

    The last email I received was blank. Their email system requires that they reply to emails. Guess they just want me to shut up. (What a load of crap.)

    I also found that this bug is also found in other ASUS laptops, besides just the M51TA.

    Just wanted to let people know, so they won't be screwed over like I've been so far, and so you can tell your friends and family not to buy ASUS til they get this fixed.

    Please tell me if there are problems in my argument to ASUS (Be kind). Also, any suggestions for actions I should take, complaints to file, etc, are appreciated.
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    Re: Bug in ASUS Laptops that breaks Linux ACPI

    If someone want to Digg or Slashdot this, I'd appreciate it.


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