I know this thread is getting a bit long in the tooth but I'm posting anyway.

I currently have a Powermac g5 PPC G5 DP 2.3. I have 10.5.8 running fine. I can set a new partition and want to install Ubuntu Studio as my great love is recording and I'm dying to run Ubuntu as a new toy! What's the BEST build of Ubuntu Studio that will run on a PPC chip? How do I install it - will it boot from the DVD or CD? Also will it give me a dual-boot menu to choose what OS I want to use? Any help would be great as I'm a novice to Linux although I tried out a live CD on my Windows 7 laptop and was liking the new "drug" HELP!

I do use Ardour and Mixbus on my Mac and actually enjoy it. OS X RULZ but I want to experiment with Ubuntu.