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Thread: How to Rotate the Screen for a TX2000 Tablet PC

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    Re: How to Rotate the Screen for a TX2000 Tablet PC

    Hi everyone,

    Here's Magick Rotation 0.2-5.

    This version includes Ayuthia's fix for the CellWriter hang that affects some folks and some more cosmetic improvements. In addition we've verified that the HP 2700 series tablet pc's (2710p and most likely 2730p) are supported, thanks to zoomy942.

    Note: The fix for CellWriter means you no longer should or need to use '&' after a program. For example adding '&' to Cairo Dock as in "cairo-dock -o &" is no longer needed, "cairo-dock -o" is fine because the '&' will now be automatically added. In fact adding the '&' will cause Magick Rotation to hang.

    First make sure the infrastructure is in place. Enter "lsmod" (without the quotes) in a terminal. In Intrepid you should see 'wmi' & 'hp-wmi'. In Jaunty and Karmic you should see 'hp-wmi'. If 'hp-wmi' is not present you'll need to add to the 'modules' file in "/etc/modules". See the "Auto-magic Rotation HOW TO" in post #225 for details.

    If you haven't already, install CellWriter through Synaptic Package Manager.

    If an earlier Magick Rotation is running shut it down by right clicking on it's green rotating arrow icon and clicking on Quit. Download the attachment onto your desktop. Extract it. Open the Magick Rotation 0.2-5 folder. Drag and drop the applet and two icons onto 'yourusername' in the left column of Places (/home/yourusername). To install right click on 'magick-rotation-0.2-5' and select Properties. Then click on the Permissions tab. Check "Allow executing file as a program" and close. Now double click on 'magick-rotation-0.2-5' and choose Run. The applet is installed.

    Before rotating right click on the Magick Rotation icon (green arrow) located on the right side of the top panel. Go into advance settings and if you do not have an eraser delete it. Or if you do not have touch delete that. Make any other changes you want and then click on Save. You are ready to rotate.

    If you check your /home/username/ directory you'll see that magick-rotation-0.2-5 is grouped with the two icons. In System > Preferences > Sessions or Startup Applications you'll see an entry called Magick Rotation etc.. The .conf file is named magick-rotation.conf. To see it click "Show Hidden Files" in View in Places (Nautilus).

    Ayuthia has come up with some debug code to help if you have problems with Magick Rotation. Download Magick Rotation 0.2-5.2 (the debug version) tar and follow the same instructions as for 0.2-5 to extract it and move it to "/home/yourusername/".

    To run the debug version quit Magick (if running) and open a terminal. To see the debug output in the terminal use:
    ./magick-rotation-0.2-5.2 debug
    This option let's you quickly eyeball the problem. Remember you have a limited amount of time to swivel into tablet mode and back before the terminal will overflow and you'll lose the beginning of the debug output.

    To print the output to the text file "magick-log" in "/home/yourusername/" for more detailed study use:
    ./magick-rotation-0.2-5.2 log
    To stop either command make sure the terminal is in focus and use ctrl + C. You'll see a python traceback after stopping.

    You could also use these commands:
    python magick-rotation-0.2-5.2 debug
    python magick-rotation-0.2-5.2 log
    To stop make sure the terminal is in focus and use ctrl + Z.

    Looking at the output should help pin the problem down for you. And you have the option of posting it as an attachement if you need help.
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