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Thread: How to Rotate the Screen for a TX2000 Tablet PC

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    Re: How to Rotate the Screen for a TX2000 Tablet PC

    Quote Originally Posted by Favux View Post
    Hi jpeter55,

    This sounds like the same problem in Jaunty. The 10-wacom.fdi is not parsing the wacom device names correctly.

    The wacom devices won't rotate unless in a terminal:
    xsetwacom list
    returns their names: stylus, eraser, and touch.

    To see what HAL/dBus is calling them enter:
    xinput --list
    Is touch working for you?
    Thank you so very much for your help with this. Touch is not working for me, and there is no output from "xsetwacom list". I can't seem to deduce from the "xinput --list" command what I should enter for stylus, eraser, and touch. I've posted the output from both these commands to this email. Could you perhaps take a look and give me a little guidance? It would be great to get this working.
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