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Thread: intrepid battery charge indicator problems

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    intrepid battery charge indicator problems

    Ever since I upgraded to intrepid, my battery level indicator has been displaying some odd behaviour. My laptop can definitely tell when my AC adapter is plugged in or not because the brightness always changes immediately, but my icon doesn't change for up to 30 seconds. Also, my battery refuses to remain fully charged when i am plugged into AC power. it will read as fully charged and then somehow, it will discharge down to somewhere between 85%-95% even though the indicator has read that i've been on AC power the whole time. also sometimes it will fail to detect the battery at all, but that also fixes itself after about 30 seconds. These problems didn't happen in Hardy. Is anyone having similar problems?

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    Re: intrepid battery charge indicator problems

    Yep. Having similar problem. Since upgrade, the battery on my Sony Vaio VGN-S260 refuses to charge at all, and the battery indicator icon alternates every second or so between 3 states: full charged, no charge, and no icon at all.


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    Re: intrepid battery charge indicator problems

    I'm having the same problems.

    Also the power manager is saying that the battery only has a capacity of 49%, which is possible, but it seemed fine until I upgraded from Gutsy.

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