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Thread: grub2 EFI boot loader internal/external booting

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    Re: grub2 EFI boot loader internal/external booting

    Quote Originally Posted by dsbrooks View Post
    I tried without an xorg.conf file and as I recall got garbage on the screen. I tried just a minimal driver block with fbdev and got X11 running but no mouse/keyboard.

    Xorg -config :1 plus fbdev edits worked great.

    From there I was able to load the NVIDIA drivers and got accelerated video and 3D.

    The last piece for functionality was downloading the latest Intel e1000/e1000e drivers and building and installing it to get networking.

    So bean's grub.efi + correct menuentry for boot params + NVIDIA drivers + Intel e1000e driver seems to be the magic recipe for Xserve3,1.
    Thanks for that info for the Xserve3,1 graphics and networking.

    That is Graphics Output Protocaol Gop, which needs the later bean123 post #844 grub64.efi with the Gop patch.

    Xorg -config :1 ? I am wondering why this is needed.
    [ EDIT: I tried "Xorg -configure :1" here with fedora-11 on IMAC81, just copied to xorg.conf, it gave me the default imac Radeon driver which works for grub.efi, but so does an empty xorg.conf or no xorg.conf. Another variation between Apples. Also got f11 booting with elilo.efi. ]

    So is it correct that it has fedora-11 installed, and that it can run either Driver "fbdev" or "nvidia" by changing xorg.conf?

    Could you post the graphic chip ID -
    lspci -nn | grep VGA

    Perhaps you could also post the final grub.cfg menuentry running nvidia drivers and any other relevant info.

    Might be enough to start an Xserve3,1 page
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