Hey Ubuntu community! Happy Thanksgiving!
Anyway, I have been having strange problems with my laptop lately, especially around the use of wireless networks. I was at a hotel a while back and I was unable to connect to the wireless network, though my friends (on Vista) were able to connect just fine. I tried troubleshooting it, but I just couldn't get on. I have had the same problem in many different places. When I was recently on vacation, I stayed in a condo with wifi access. I put in the username and password for the network and I was able to connect just fine, but I couldn't get to the internet, though I am sure that the internet was present. Is there something specific I should install to validate that my WiFi adapter is working?
I'm currently at my parents' house and WiFi is working fine, but I suspect this is because I have directly connected here before. When I first installed Ubuntu on this computer, I had to hardline into the network to get internet access so I could enable the multiverse repositories. I'm on Ubuntu 8, Hardy Heron.