I really like xubuntu but the thing is I have just installed xubuntu on my machine here, system specs are : 1.8 GHZ core 2 duo oc'd to 3.0 GHZ, 2 WD 160 gig HDD's, one with windows xp pro, the other with xubuntu 8.10, i have an msi p6n sli platinum motherboard, 2 xfx 7600 gt's in sli and 2 gigs of corsair pc2 6400 (800 mhz ram). Now for whatever reason i cannot get my nvidia drivers to run. i have tried to install envyng with no luck, i used a terminal and apt-get nvidia-glx-new and no luck, i have tried using the hardware driver manager no luck and i have even tried diffrent drivers ..... the driver installs and then it calls for a reboot but when i reboot my system all i can get is text mode unless i reinstall xubuntu fresh and do not install the nvidia driver ... anybody have any idea whats going on here???