hi everyone
i have been using ubuntu for around 1 year now.
and i was quite careless
recently i found out that my video card (Ati x1950) is so hot under ubuntu intrepid
and is very cool under xp (though i dont really like xp and vista)

so i deactivate my video card from system/hardware ...
and it is now around cool like under xp or a little bit warmer

2 months ago i installed hardy and went to eat (i was playing around so it cost me 2 hours to get back and my power supply was burned, the fan didnt work )

and now i find out this case of video card, so was it ubuntu's fault ?
or was it just coincidence?

and i heard from internet (so i dont know it is rumor or truth) that some laptop were very hot under ubuntu.

is ubuntu a hardware killer operationsystem ? or is it because of intrepid ?