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Thread: SQUASHFS Error

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    SQUASHFS Error

    I have a HP Pavilion 01110n desktop and when I try to boot a Ubuntu Live CD or a USB it get SQUASHFS ERRORS and I cannot boot Ubunutu. I can boot Puppy Linux off of a USB but my computer will not let me boot Ubuntu. Do I need an alternate CD.

    Also I have tried 8.10 and 8.04LTS with the desktop ISO and I always get an SQUASHF ERROR. Any Ideas??

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    Re: SQUASHFS Error

    SQUASHFS error sounds like a problem reading the CD. If you get it with USB too it makes me wonder about your memory. Try running memtest86+ for 20 minutes or so and see if all of your memory is good. If you have access to another CD-ROM driver, preferably on another computer, run the self-test and see if the CD validates as OK to install from.

    The alternate CD is primarily interesting in scenarios where you have a complex disk layout (RAID & LVM), or you are doing servers, or you are doing off-line upgrades, or there is a hideous video problem you can't manage during the install but can fix afterwards. I wouldn't expect it to help in your case, as whatever CD-burning issue, or CD-reading issue, or memory issue is contributing to the squashfs errors would probably hit you eventually during either the text-mode install or post-install when you booted.

    For most Linux distributions, including both Ubuntu and Fedora, the #1 cause of installation failures is invalid CD media. You could try burning it at a lower speed. It's also worth downloading the SHA1SUM file of checksums and verifying that your download was good.

    The #2 cause of installation failures tends to be memory errors, hence the memtest86+ suggestion.

    After those two causes it gets a lot more idiosyncratic.

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    Re: SQUASHFS Error

    I was receiving a ton of SQUASHFS errors when trying to install as well. What I found, thanks to this post is that my CDRom drive didn't recognize CD-R media. The CD player was quite old, manufactured in 2001. So, I swapped in a different CD player and I was able to install without issue.

    Hope this helps

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