I've seen similar problems in the forums, but not quite the same, and they had no resolution, so i'm hoping I will!

After watching the system monitor, I can say that every 30 seconds the amarokapp process uses 100% of one of my cores (AMD dual core 4800+) whilst the other isn't touched.The CPU temp jumps from a normal active 30degC (at the base ~10%CPU on each core) to 40degC.

Sometimes, if the song changes, that core ends up 100% for about 75 seconds, hitting 50degC. dcop seems to jump up (%CPU ordered processes) at these times.

Every now and then, the second core will end up 100% for 5 seconds. No pattern i can spot.

Only other thing i can see is that amarok seemed to be updating collection about every CPU spike, so I turned that off, but it hasn't got rid of the spikes.

Please help!