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Thread: Adding an IP to the Loopback adapter in /etc/network/interfaces

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    Question Adding an IP to the Loopback adapter in /etc/network/interfaces

    Hi all,

    I'm encountering a strange little foyble of Ubuntu/Debian/*nix.

    Goal: To use an IP address that is used to access one of two servers internally via our load balancer and add it to the loopback adapter so that exim runs listening on that address instead of and sending out on the server's address.

    Current Setup: Traffic to hits our loadbalance and get's directed to or
    Exim on those servers is set up to listen on but when it makes an SMTP connection to other SMTP servers it goes out on the 10.0.x.33 address is NAT'ed through out FW/Router.

    As such I've been trying to add to the loopback adapter. What I'm finding is the following.

    Problem Description:
    If I add the ip address to the loopback adapter using ifconfig command all works fine but the change is not persistent between boots of course.
    ifconfig lo:0
    If I add the configuration to /etc/network/interfaces whilst the config is read ok by ifup and implemented all traffic to all interfaces is dropped. My interfaces file contains the following for the loopback adapter:
    auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback
    auto lo:0
    iface lo:0 inet static
    Then I use
    ifup -a
    to bring up the interfaces from the /etc/network/interfaces file.

    I'd be grateful for any feedback on why one method does work and the other doesn't and also some proposed solution for keeping this ip address persisten.

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    Re: Adding an IP to the Loopback adapter in /etc/network/interfaces

    the error i see is that lo:0 is not marked as a loopback interface

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