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Thread: Icons of the OpenOffice do not change

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    Question Icons of the OpenOffice do not change

    Hello everybody!

    Why I can't change the icons theme in the Open Office (whether 2.4, whether 3.0 ver) on Ubuntu 8.10?
    I can't change theme for Tango, Galaxy and etc., it always stays "Human" theme. (I can change size only..)

    I had no the same problem on the previous version of (K)Ubuntu-7.10..
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    Re: Icons of the OpenOffice do not change

    I was having this same problem today, and after a bit of browsing around, I realized that you have to install the other icon sets from Synaptic before you can actually use them. They're all called "*" where * is the name of the particular set (Industrial, Crystal, and so on). Once I installed them, switching between sets worked fine.

    Hope this helps if you're still having trouble.

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