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Thread: Cannot boot, pae feature not present

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    Unhappy Cannot boot, pae feature not present

    I just installed Ubuntu server 8.10 on a Thinkpad T41p laptop.

    The install went fine but when the computer booted for the first time, I got the message:
    This kernal requires the following feature not present on the CPU:
    Unable to load - please use a kernal suitable to your CPU

    Does 8.1 not work on this hardware?

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    Re: Cannot boot, pae feature not present - SOLVED

    I found the following information somewhere else and was able to boot.

    "I was able to install a working kernel by booting from the server install CD, launching a recovery shell, and running
    apt-get install linux-generic"

    The next time you boot, GRUB will show a "generic" entry which will then boot.

    It is surprising at the Ubuntu 8.10 level that the server install process doesn't check that the system won't be bootable after installation.

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    Re: Cannot boot, pae feature not present


    could anyone help a newbie on how you can launch the recovery shell from the installation cd.
    i have downloaded 8.10 server ubuntu, burned the cd and now i dont know how to get to the recovery shell. there is only a recovery mode which looks like it starts the whole installation process again.

    Any tips and hints appreciated to i can try the same the threat started did. (trying to get this work on a old acer notebook with pentium M processer which seems to have no Pae support.

    This is more for fund and to learn than anything else.



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