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Thread: IBM Thinkpad Mouse Buttons Not Working

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    IBM Thinkpad Mouse Buttons Not Working

    I have an IBM Thinkpad T40 laptop, about a year and a half old, that's been running Ubuntu 8.04 for about a year. Recently, the mouse buttons stopped working. There are 2 sets of mouse buttons on the thinkpad... the standard touchpad with the 2 buttons below it (those are the ones that dont work) and the stupid red dot in the middle of the keyboard, with the corresponding buttons below keyboard (above the touchpad). The stupid red dot works fine, and so do the buttons above the touchpad. The touchpad itself works fine, but the buttons below it (the ones I like to use) just stopped working all of the sudden.

    It might be a hardware problem, but it's strange that the touchpad still works and just not the buttons. If it isn't a hardware thing though, where should I look in ubuntu for a setting that might cause something like that to happen?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: IBM Thinkpad Mouse Buttons Not Working

    I've got something very similar going on - you can check it out here:


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