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Thread: Permission denied (publickey). --> failed ssh login

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    Re: Permission denied (publickey). --> failed ssh login

    A very quick follow-up: I had read that WinSCP had trouble logging into some machines running OpenSSH under later Ubuntu versions. I can now also log in with WinSCP after the change ITAndrew suggested. I'm not sure if there is another issue with WinSCP logins but in this case there is no problem.
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    Re: Permission denied (publickey). --> failed ssh login

    Nope, they are one in the same. WinSCP passes the passphrase over plain text (yet still encrypted). So if the plain password was disabled WinSCP will fail to connect. The whole CLI interface will become easier to use over time, and you will gain a whole heck of a lot of knowledge along the way. Using Ubuntu make you a smarter person IMO.

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