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Thread: What is the Ideal Laptop Ubuntu setup??

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    What is the Ideal Laptop Ubuntu setup??

    I got Ubuntu running on my Laptop. Its a Toshiba L300 Satellite Pro, 1.86Ghz dual core CPU, 1GB RAM, 120GB Hard Drive.

    I would like to get it completely set up so that I can use it efficiently with good performance and reliability, sound quality and long battery life.

    First, I am thinking I need to reconfigure the Linux Kernel according to my hardware as I have found that that really helps things, also install the Toshiba extras in the kernel.

    Second, I think I need to install patches that make Laptops run more efficiently and maybe save battery life.

    Maybe install tools or apps that help customize things??

    Also, this is a 15.4" screen, 1280X800 Resolution, 60Hz. Can I make it have a bigger resolution?? I find that a little small. I would like it like 1400X1000 or something like that.

    Can some of you please tell me what all I should do to make this a 'super computer'?? Any patches I should install, any recommendations??
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    Re: What is the Ideal Laptop Ubuntu setup??


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    Re: What is the Ideal Laptop Ubuntu setup??

    Is there anything that doesn't work as it should?

    Also, your resolution of 1280x800 is correct and can't go any higher.

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