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Thread: How to customize a LiveUSB Xubuntu system?

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    How to customize a LiveUSB Xubuntu system?

    Hello all,

    I would like to create a custom LiveUSB Ubuntu system with the possiblity of persistent changes after booting the LiveUSB system itself. I also want that those changes remain persistent after the user choose to install the running LiveUSB system on the disk (from within the running LiveUSB system itself).

    What is the fastest way to obtain this?

    The first idea which comes to my mind is to:
    1. create a LiveUSB system from an official ISO release of XUbuntu with the Usb-live-creator tool provided by Ubuntu;
    2. boot into the LiveUSB system and customize it with my preferred applications, configurations, etc.., while the system will be preserving all my changes;
    3. install the above customized system on the hardisk with the Ubuntu installer

    But this way I do not know if the system changes are preserved aswell from step 2 to step 3.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: How to customize a LiveUSB Xubuntu system?

    i am not sure if the settings would stay the you do a full hd install if you made all of the changes to the liveusb via persistance file. but you can customize the iso used to create the liveusb drive before to install it to the usb drive. if you change to iso the changes should copy over if you do a HD install from the liveusb drive. The following links provide info and how-tos for doing this.

    Hope this helps. post back if this works or you need any other help

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