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Thread: KDE Character Map (I have MS TTFs installed)

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    Talking KDE Character Map (I have MS TTFs installed)


    I recently did a:

    sudo apt-get autoremove

    and it wiped out my Character Map that I am guessing came with the Gnome Desktop stuff, along with the clean up that I was happily wanting.

    I don't want the rest of the Gnome stuff back, just the Character Map or one just as good... not sure it matters, but keeping in mind that I have grabbed the MS TTFs from my other hard drive (XP) and installed them in Kubuntu-Gutsy... any suggestions?

    What do you like/use? What looks good to the jaded ex-Windows user's eye?

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    Re: KDE Character Map (I have MS TTFs installed)

    No doubt you have solved the issue by now, but since I just did, I just wanted to point out that I first installed, which is a GNUstep type char map, and I hated it. Not just because it was GNUstep, but because it had a strange type of lag to it, and it seemed way too complicated for a character map.

    I learned that the KDE charmap is also inside a package, rather than a standalone, so you won't find it if you just search for charmap in package names. Its in the kdeutils package, and its called KCharSelect. Its...adequate.


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