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Thread: Portable Ubuntu inside ubuntu !

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    Portable Ubuntu inside ubuntu !


    I just want to ask is it possible to run portable ubuntu inside ubuntu ?
    My reason is that my school has ubuntu and we don't administrator rights so if we want to install something like wine or others we can't

    But on the other side I've found other solution like portable wine but it needs some tweaks ...

    But I really want to try the portable ubuntu inside ubuntu please help !!

    I'm also new to the ubuntu I'm a certified accredited fool proof nuub !! ^_^

    Thankyou in Advance
    Any comments suggestions or violent reactions are very much welcomed !! ^_^

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    Re: Portable Ubuntu inside ubuntu !

    You can compile it in User Space, if essentials to build are installed in system wide.
    You can install with ZeroInstall, if necesary tools are installed in system wide.


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