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Thread: [SOLVED] uShare segmentation fault

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    [SOLVED] uShare segmentation fault

    I'm trying to run uShare on Ubuntu 8.04. I tried both binaries: from Ubuntu server and from SourceForge. I can get it loaded but then I try to access it from PS3 it terminates with "Segmentation fault" message.

    Interface eth0 is down.
    Recheck uShare's configuration and try again !
    uShare (version 1.1a), a lightweight UPnP A/V and DLNA Media Server.
    Benjamin Zores (C) 2005-2007, for GeeXboX Team.
    See for updates.
    Listening on telnet port 1337
    Initializing UPnP subsystem ...
    UPnP MediaServer listening on
    Sending UPnP advertisement for device ...
    Listening for control point connections ...
    Building Metadata List ...
    Looking for files in content directory : /home/c$$lguy/.aMule/Incoming
    Found 29 files and subdirectories.
    Segmentation fault

    My settings in /etc/ushare.conf are:

    What is interesting it complains about eth0 but still works. PS3 can see it but when I try to access reports DLNA error 7531. What could be the solution?

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    Re: uShare segmentation fault

    A few things for you to try:

    First try other folders... it doesn't look like it ever makes it to finishing reading your second folder. I'm not sure if that means it is crashing somewhere in your Incoming folder or your Music folder, but try each one individually, or better yet try another test folder with just one or two files in it, that perhaps doesn't use hidden folders like .amule or $'s.

    The second thing I would do is upgrade to 8.10. I wasn't able to get Ushare to work in 8.04, so I tried upgrading and it magically started to work. I wish I could give you more details on why that is, but I have no idea what was fixed between the two versions.


    P.S. I now have Ushare working (for my xbox) and still get the "Interface eth0 is down.", so whatever that means, it apparently doesn't prevent it from still operating properly.
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    Re: uShare segmentation fault

    I solved the problem by getting source for ushare and latest libupnp. It appeared that I had old version of libupnp. After I rebuild everything from the source everything worked like a charm.


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