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Thread: A Very Simple C# number book. Any thoughts?

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    A Very Simple C# number book. Any thoughts?

    using System;
    using System.IO;
    /* Assumes the file you want to use is called "thebook.txt" stored in the
     * directory of the .exe.
    public class phonebook
    	public static void Main ()
    		Gtk.Application.Init ();
    		new phonebook ();
    		Gtk.Application.Run ();
    	public phonebook ()
    		string strbase;
    		string [] strload;
    		StreamReader readbook=new StreamReader("thebook.txt");
    		Gtk.Window window = new Gtk.Window ("Phone Book");
    		window.SetSizeRequest (500,200);
    		Gtk.TreeView tree = new Gtk.TreeView ();
    		Gtk.ListStore numberlist = new Gtk.ListStore (typeof (string), typeof (string));
    		tree.AppendColumn("Name",new Gtk.CellRendererText(),"text",0);
    		tree.AppendColumn("Number",new Gtk.CellRendererText(),"text",1);
    		for(int i=0;(i+2)<strload.Length;i+=2){
    		tree.Model = numberlist;
    		window.ShowAll ();
    I am hoping to expand this code. Probably replace a text file with a sqlite database, add search, the ability to add new contacts, and to filter alphabetically. Before I venture off into that territory are there any opinions on how this is written so far? This is my first gtk app so I would appreciate feed back on it. I attached the source and the .exe as well.
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