I run into a strange problem trying to manage my iPod with Amarok. Instead of Apples proprietary software I am using Rockbox on the iPod, which is where I believe the strange behavior of the iPod is coming from: I can transfer my music fine with Amarok, the problem is seeing what is actually on the iPod and removing stuff.

When connecting the iPod I can only browse through a fraction of the artists that are on it. It seems that Rockbox when Rockbox created it's collection database it breaks it into several files (which you can see when the iPod starts up and the opening screen says loading 1/5, 2/5, etc.). Now Amarok seems to only use the first of these files, consequently I can only see the artists up to "F".

Is anyone else running into such problems and is there a workaround? I have to admit that I tried gtkpod to manage my iPod, but a) do I seem too stupid to understand how that is supposed to work b) gtkpod seemed to crash all the time struggling with the missing iTunes database on the iPod.

Anyhow, since I really like Amarok it would be great to use it for iPod management.