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Thread: Mouse acceleration (help!)

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    Mouse acceleration (help!)

    Has anyone else noticed that the acceleration controls for the mouse really dont do much at all?

    Do I have it misconfigured perhaps? Because I notice a HUGE difference from windows..

    does anyone have any suggestions? @_@ this is really frustrating
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    Re: Mouse acceleration (help!)

    I have noticed that my mouse was slower than I would have liked it to been, so I was playing with the acceleration a bit. Like you said, it doesn't do a whole lot on it's own, but right underneath it, try raising your 'Sensitivity' a bit. It worked wonders for me

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    Re: Mouse acceleration (help!)

    yes its sort of annyoying because when i am using the trackpad the mouse is very fast and then when i am using an external muse it is normal. The settings for the mouse and the keyboard do not do a thing :S


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