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Thread: TV Recording App (PVR) OTHER than Mythtv?

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    TV Recording App (PVR) OTHER than Mythtv?

    Hey guys. I have gotten MythTV working SOMEWHAT in Ubuntu, but is has crashed my system twice. And overall, MythTV is Too much for my tastes.

    I have a BT878 card, and I use Tvtime for viewing. I like how it is simple, and windowed so I can use it while I do other things on the computer. I realize that MythTV may have a learning curve, and it can probably be made to do ANYTHING. But I am looking for something LITE. I Rarely need to record TV; perhaps a VHS capture of one of my son's games, or a tennis match that is schedule while I am away.

    I tried installing Kalva, but since I run Ubuntu and not Kubuntu, I get dependency issues. I also tried installing Fftv, but I get nothing but errors when compiling.

    Can you guys suggest something with analog recording capabilities that is LITE?


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    Re: TV Recording App (PVR) OTHER than Mythtv?

    I'm in the same boat as you.

    Some reccomendations: xawtv ; zapper

    They are both available in the standard Ubuntu repositories. I've had both of them, but with a few annoying bugs. You may have better luck with your card/config combination than me.

    There are a few more out there that are similar to these two for the KDE environment, however, I've found that most of them are only available in source. If you want to try to compile, I'll post some links for you.

    Good luck!


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