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Thread: Mounting PTP camera as device

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    Mounting PTP camera as device

    My Canon Powershot camera when connected to the computer shows up in F-Spot.. but it is apparently a 'PTP device'. I want to be able to browse the camera through Nautilus, so I can copy and delete files easily and use it like a USB drive.

    I am not able to mount this camera at all -- I've looked through all the forums but the camera does not show up as a /dev/s* device.

    Can a PTP device be mounted somehow, so I can directly access it?


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    Re: Mounting PTP camera as device

    I must add, my camera is a

    Canon Powershot A570 IS

    I do not see any option in its menus to switch between PTP and MSC modes. The replies on the forum seem to work if you can get your camera mounted in the MSC mode through the USB connection (and not the PTP mode).

    How does one force MSC mode? Is this possible for all modern cameras?

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    Post Re: Mounting PTP camera as device

    The best way to get access to the card in your camera is to switch your camera to MSC mode or use a separate card reader (which will be recognized as MSC).

    If you can't find a way to switch your camera's mode from PTP to MSC then you might wanna take a look at this : or this

    Hope this helps!!


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