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Hi there, me and my friend are going to try to make a new Linux ditribution which will be based on Ubuntu. We do have plans for making it available to the public if it becomes a success.

Read more about how the distro is so far here: http://kshoster.net/node/105

We wonder what you would like to have in new out-of-the-box Linux distro....

(No suggestions are stupid!)
As much as I admire your enthusiasm, building a distro is like building a car. It can be as easy, or as hard as you want. If you are going to just take a body of a car, buy and engine that will fit, and repaint and upholster the car, that's one thing. But if you are going to buy the individual pieces of the engine, and buy bulk metal and weld it into a car, that's quite another. Just what are you planning on doing?