I want to be able to put in a raid card, configure the card using its bios when the machine starts and be able to install ubuntu on the raid array without having to worry about drivers or any other crap. I just want it to work.

If you are going to tell me to look up how to use dmraid, or ask me whether I am using soft or hard raid don't bother... I say it again: don't bother.

Please: if someone knows the answer on how to do what I am asking in the first paragraph, then tell me. I don't care if you tell me I have to buy some fancy raid card that is transparent to the ubuntu intaller. In fact I want you to. But don't tell me to search some compatibility list. I have. If you know a good raid card under 500 dollars that will do the job, then tell me.

I just want a system the works without having to do 100 hours of research just to install something. If no one can help, I will buy a Mac or install windows Vista or something. The lack of hardware support to do something as common as install a raid array is ridiculous.

This has some about by my frustrations in buying something as common as a hpt rocketraid 1742 card (not even something cutting edge... been around a while) and not being able to use it. However... it is supported on Redhat distributions (and I really dislike Redhat rpm hell).

If Ubuntu had a version I could pay for and have it be able to install on the raid array I would buy it. If you know if this is available, then tell me too.