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Thread: Recommend a good DVD ripper

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    Re: Recommend a good DVD ripper

    Handbrake just worked for me, and produced wonderful results.
    So i was able to backup quite a recent DVD without hassle. Just a few clicks.

    Others (on jaunty) wouldn't work for me at all with this DVD. Actually, lsdvd wouldn't work, and dvd::rip seems to rely on this. So dvd::rip wouldn't work. k9copy didn't fare any better (just crashed), and I was almost giving up on the possibility for it at this time, when I tried one last possibility. Handbrake.
    Isn't in the repositories (i think) but should be!

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    Re: Recommend a good DVD ripper

    Couple of questions re: Handbrake -
    I'm running Ubuntu 8.10. Not much good at compiling, etc., so just grabbed the Handbrake version in repos.
    Handbrake never identifies the title track correctly. It appears to list every track on the DVD and I get lost.
    In Vista, I'm using Handbrake in concert with DVD43. Between the two of them, most DVD's can be ripped. Handbrake always identifies the title track in Vista.

    Anyone come across that same problem? I hate it when something works better in Vista than Ubuntu!

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    Re: Recommend a good DVD ripper

    I've seen k9copy, acidRIP, ogmRIP but was not impressed. They are just lying there in my machine just in case. been using dvd::rip for years and it's doing wonders. However, for some strange reasons, to get the subtitles fine dvd::rip needs an old version of rar.
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