New to the group and first post.

Problem with Ubuntu 8.10 install. I've been trying to get dial up programs to work (wvdial, gnome-pppd, and pppconfig) and connect to the internet. So far everything has crapped out. All programs will dial out but are unable to hook to the internet. Last piece of documentation read go to System-Administration-Networking. Low and be hold there is no icon or whatever for Networking!!! The only icon referencing networks is "Network Tools". This by the way I found useless so far.

So after reading some more, went to the Terminal and typed in the following:

network-admin response: not installed

So I tried sudo network-admin same response, not installed.

My question is, where is network-admin? If it is not installed during installation, I guess you need to redistribute a new version Ubuntu 8.11.

I've gone to packages and downloaded network-admin.

I will make comments after I install this package. If I am unable to make connection via dial up this time I am going to trash Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Hate to sound so bitter but, my experience with Ubuntu has been at the least uneventful.

I've read different forums till I'm crossed eyed and printed out some many pages of documentation so far the printer is smoking.

This being my first post here, it'll probably be my last.

Good luck with your OS's