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Thread: [SOLVED] hotmail won't work on purpose?

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    Re: hotmail won't work on purpose?

    I had issues with Firefox v2 but Firefox v3 seems to work fine for me.

    But I also do admit that I am greatly unhappy with microsoft's change to hotmail and there lack of generic/legacy support.

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    Re: hotmail won't work on purpose?

    Quote Originally Posted by randy78 View Post
    Thanx Dizzy, I got it from

    Google is a champion of supporting open-source software and ideas, and while their policy concerning data-retention could use a slight overhaul, I find them the most trustworthy of all web based email providers.

    I hope you'll read their privacy policy and then give them a test drive... I think you'll be pleasantly surprised
    Cool I'll check it out as well gmail. Thanks.
    What? Where am I?

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