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Thread: how to install the latest stable pine build

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    Lightbulb How to install the latest stable Pine build

    Here is how to install the latest pine build.

    OS: Ubuntu 7.04

    I used Pine before and it’s one of my favorite mail programs. I could not install it from the repository using aptitude so I download the debian package and installed it.

    The lastest stable build is 4.64.

    You can use command line or firefox to install it:

    Command Line:

    Once downloaded w3m will ask if you want to install the program, enter ‘I’ to install it:
        Do you wish to:
        - I)nstall the package now,
        - S)ave it to a file, or
        - Q)uit now
        Your choice (I/S/Q)? I
        Installation of Debian packages needs to be done as root.
        Enter command used to become root (default=sudo): sudo
        Installing package…
        Selecting previously deselected package pine.
        (Reading database … 143846 files and directories currently installed.)
        Unpacking pine (from …/tarek/.w3m/w3mtmp31867-0.deb) …
        Setting up pine (4.64) …
        Done. Press to continue:

    Go to and click on pine_4.64_i386.deb package

    Save it on your desktop, once downloaded double click and install the package.


    Your feedback is welcome!

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