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I'm on a Debian Lenny system. And I'm not getting sound. I used the first post's instructions in this thread. Maybe things have changed?

Either way, I'd really like sound.
Yes, sound on my box works (not with the FCEU, though).
I believe I'm using an ALSA setup at the moment.

00:10.1 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP51 High Definition Audio (rev a2)
What kind of sound mixer are you using? (pulseaudio, esd, etc)?
If you don't know chances are the man pages will give a hint (did for me) try
apropos esd
apropos pulseaudio

and see what you get. You can force an application to use your mixer in those two cases with the




commands, respectively. Just put either one before the program you are launching like:

esddsp gfceux

note that if you have pulseaudio it has a wrapper for esd. For some reason on my system even though I have pulseaudio some programs will not work with the padsp command but will with the esddsp command (which is a wrapper to pulseaudio that takes esd style input). Your mileage may vary.