Hi there,

I hope nobody minds but I already posted this in Absolute Beginner Talk but I think it's better off being here

I've got a server, which is running samba, sabnzbd and some other stuff. Now I've setup Virtualbox with a Windows XP Virtual Machine. The NIC is set to 'Host'.
I receive an IP from my router in the same range as al the ohter PC's in my network. The VM can access the internet, can ping other machines and can be pinged by other machines. BUT... for some reason I can't access my samba shares. I've setup samba using this guide: http://tech.waltco.biz/2008/01/26/pr...-securityuser/

Using the guide other machines are able to access shares without having to type a password. But on the VM I get prompted for a password! If I type my username and password ( which I use the access PRIVATE shares on the server ) I get in.

Another strange thing is that I'm not able to connect to the Sabnzbd webUI. Which is basicly 'http://server:8080/sabzndb', for all other PC's on the network there's no problem.

Help is very much appreciated

Thank in advance