I'm trying to install openSUSE from Ubuntu 8.10 on another partition using UNetbootin thru downloaded openSUSE-11.1-Beta4-GNOME-LiveCD-i686.iso

On UNetbootin interface, in order to select the partition where I want to install openSUSE I have to select 'USB Drive' to get '/dev/sdb1'. If I select 'Hard Disk' under 'Type', I get only one option of '/' under 'Drive', and 'Show All Drives' becomes grayed out.

Provided path to downloaded openSUSE ISO under 'Diskimage' and upon hitting OK, UNetbootin generated 654 MB 'openSUSE-11.1-read-only.i686-2.7.0' file, boot folder & bunch of other files in /dev/sdb1.

Next I added two entries into Ubunu grub:

title Option# 1: /boot/i386/loader/linux
root (hd1,0)
kernel /boot/i386/loader/linux
initrd /boot/i386/loader/initrd

title Option# 2: /ubnkern
root (hd1,0)
kernel /ubnkern
initrd /ubninit

Rebooting with either option I get stuck at following:

Loading KIWI CD Boot-System....

Waiting for CD/DVD device(s) to appear...
Mounting CD/DVD drive
Couldn't find CD image configuration file
rebootException: error consoles at ALT-F3/F4
rebootException: reboot in 120 sec...

Many thanks, any help is greatly appreciated. - jags