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Thread: Upgrade Manager very slow

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    Upgrade Manager very slow

    Hi all,

    I just installed a copy of 8.04 and as expected it has a fair few updates to come through. I've been trying to run them from Upgrade Manager and the process seems to cut out after a few seconds, likewise if I try:

    apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade
    From the command line it stalls to being very slow after a few seconds. I don't think this is down to the network as normal web browsing is fine but data does seem to be "bursty" any thoughts?

    Help would be greatly appreciated,


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    Re: Upgrade Manager very slow

    It depends on what server you are using. Since 8.10 just came out a few days ago, bet everybody is either upgrading their machines or doing a fresh install. Therefore, mirrors will get hammer pretty good. Try another mirror site to see if you get a better speed.
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