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Thread: iPod application

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    iPod application

    hey guys got an iPod and it is not that popular here and I don't know how to transfer tracks and videos from iPod to computer or from iPod to iPod do you know any goood apps ?

    and about games and and applicatoin for the iPod how to get plz help me and tell me if there are any apps other than games

    will appreciate a lot of replies


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    Re: iPod application

    I have a 2nd generation Nano and have used Amarok with it for over a year. It syncs just fine and everything. To find out how to do what you want done with Amarok, just google "ipod amarok" and you should be able to find what you need. The one problem is you have to do some editing of a file to be able to eject your iPod through Amarok, but if you don't want to worry about that you can just click on the iPod on your desktop and unmount it there.

    Amarok is awesome, but to me it's too much. At first I loved all the features but am researching some of the other media players like Exaile and such.

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    Re: iPod application

    I use Songbird, it has a nice gui and has an addon to synk to ipods. If you want to convert videos before for your ipod look up winff it is good small and fast. Songbird is like a media firefox so there are loads of addons to make it work better it also has a download function to help you find and download music.

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    Re: iPod application

    I'm get increasingly frustrated with Linux and iPod support. I'm yet to find a program that consistently finds, mounts and supports iPods in Ubuntu.

    Songbird is a memory hog, and at the moment,neither the stable version nor the bleeding edge dev will load on my laptop, while the 1.0 beta doesn't have support for iPods yet.

    Rhythmbox won't synch my Ipod.

    Amarok doesn't see my iPod at all. While I really like amarok when using KDE, it sticks out like a sore thumb with Gnome.

    Banshee finally works nicely in Intrepid and is a very nice player, but still doesn't seem to support playlists on iPods, which means no-go for me. It also seems not to synch properly.

    Gtkpod seems to sometimes work, but most times crash. I only really use it to rebuild my database when Banshee decides to scramble it

    I tried Floola and it segfaults before I get anywhere

    Why can't there be one program that after 7(?) generation of iPods, just works? Not too criticise too strongly, as I appreciate the work people put into the making of these media players, but couldn't this effort be focused on one completely working project?

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