I just replaced my almost ancient 2001 PC with a new 780G based PC.
After a few days of fiddling, I'm quite happy so far.

What now lurks into my mind is using the Hybrid Crossfire feature. My GA-MA78GPM-DS2H has a HD3200 (RV780) on board. I really like the idea of
1) attaching a second analogue TFT to the SUB-D port and have a dual-TFT-setup (again, my old PC had a Matrox P650 Dual-Screen)
2) Make use of Hybrid Crossfire: plug in a €50 HD3470 dual-DVI and attach two more TFTs. Price for screens has dropped I'd almost build a tapestry of TFT screens

My question here, as I had some troubles even to get my single TFT running with the ATI IGP:
1) Has anybody experience with 780G-IGP based dual-screen setup?
2) Does any of the Linux ATI drivers support quad screen? I noticed some quad- and even the hex-screen-setup threads, but all of these setups use dedicated GPUs, no IGP and/or Crossfire involved.

I'm pretty sure, WindowsXP will work right out of the box, never had any problems with Win-Machines in multi-GPU+multi-Monitor-setups. I'm just not as confident on Linux, though ... and I just don't wanna waste some 500+ bucks for just trying out.

Regards, Andy