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Thread: character encoding in java applets?

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    character encoding in java applets?

    Greetings everyone!

    I have a fresh install of 8.10 32-bit and I have also installed sun-java6 along with the web plug-in.

    My problem concerns a java chat applet that I access through a browser (FF3). Whenever I try to enter a non-ascii character (§ń÷Ř) it shows up as a two-character garbage in the chat area. The strange thing is that they (the characters) show up fine when I type. It's when I hit enter and they are sent to the server they get corrupted. Other people's characters get transmitted just fine.

    Is there some sort of a java locale/encoding setting or something that I need to set up first? Also, is there any way for me to increase the font size used in this chat applet and perhaps enable anti-aliasing?

    Thanks in advance.
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