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Thread: HOWTO:minimum installation

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    HOWTO: minimum installation

    I recogniced a HOWTO which can help to set up Ubuntu on old computers.
    You will have to do some handwork of course.

    I copied the text in parts from the hompage just to get sure the text doesn't vanish.

    Ubuntu Mini-RAM HOWTO

    # command
    Type command as root (you can do a sudo su- before, in order to get the root-prompt. Or you put sudo before the command.)

    $ command
    Type command as user.

    1 The Basesystem

    Get Ubuntu CD-ROM see
    After inserting the CD-ROM into the drive, boot and when asked to press Enter, type custom before. (Not linux custom!)
    The result will be a minimal-system with less than 300 MB on the HD and only a textprompt (no GUI).

    2 Postinstall the GUI

    I did it in the following order, but probably the order is not important:

    $ sudo su -
    # vi /etc/apt/sources.list

    (If you are not familiar with vi you can use nano or any other texteditor instead.)
    Enable the universe-repository by removing the Hashmarks (=# (2 times))

    # apt-get update
    # apt-get install icewm
    # apt-get install xserver-xfree86
    # apt-get install x-window-system-core
    # apt-get install xdm
    # apt-get install numlockx
    # apt-get install xterm

    The result is a system with X and iceWM as windowmanager. You log in as user and on the prompt:

    $ startx
    starts the GUI. (After the first reboot, xdm autostarts and puts you directly into the GUI-mode)
    So far this system needs 468 MB on your harddrive.

    The homepage continues with installation of packets like Mozilla or Openoffice and shows the need of several packets for harddisk space.
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    Re: HOWTO:minimum installation

    There is also an existing thread titled :
    'Ubuntu Mini-RAM HOWTO"


    with further information if anyone is interested!

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