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Thread: kdm doesn't load after upgrade

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    kdm doesn't load after upgrade

    I believe that my hardy install had the kubuntu-kde4 packages installed as well, but I wasn't using them and switched back to the kdm login screen.

    I upgrade, it apparently goes smoothly up until i reboot then I get this error message:

    grep: /usr/lib/kde4/etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc: No such file or directory
    Not starting K display manager (kdm-kde4); it is not the default display manager

    which is obvious since there's just kde 4 now and it's just called kdm not kdm-kde4

    I was about to start poking about at the init script but found this thread which is pretty much the same problem and the described fix makes perfect sense, uninstall kdm-kde4 and reinstall kdm with these commands.

    sudo aptitude purge kdm-kde4
    sudo aptitude reinstall install kdm
    sudo depmod -a
    dpkg-reconfigure kdm

    and then I reboot and I don't get the error message anymore but kdm still hasn't come up

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    Re: kdm doesn't load after upgrade

    I've also retested this with clean installs of Kubuntu 8.10 32-bit and 64-bit and Ubuntu 64-bit and 32-bit. In all four occasions, kdm and gdm did not appear.

    I've observed the following bugs 275379, 294405, 282328, that seem related to what I'm going through but there are some differences and I've filed a separate bug 295160.

    Can anyone please assist me in any way with this?

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    Re: kdm doesn't load after upgrade

    I upgraded my Kubuntu 8.04 and faced the same issue. I have not upgraded it to 8.10 yet. When I selected the kernel version 2.6.24-21 from the Grub menu everything was fine again.
    Now I have changed the default selection in the Grub menu to select 2.6.24-21 instead of 2.6.24-22. But I am looking for a permanent solution.

    It doesn't seem like a KDM problem but a driver issue as you might have already noticed

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