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Thread: Pommed and backlight in intrepid

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    Re: Pommed and backlight in intrepid

    Scratch that last comment. got it working in KDE 4.2 on MacBookPro3.1
    I already have Gnome installed, and already had that _bl line. the problem is that KDE shortcutted the brightness commands already to something else. So, just go into preferences > keyboard & mouse > Global Keyboard Shortcuts > Guidance Power Manager (in the dropdown for KDE component) and then change the shortcuts to something you are happy with.

    I switched mine to F1 and F2 because I havent used those keys since the WinX days.

    Viva KDE4.2 !! it looks really pretty so far. Hope it is stable.

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    Re: Pommed and backlight in intrepid

    Ah... I tried to set it to f1 and f2 (the default in gnome and OSX) but it said "the key you pressed is not supported by QT" So I had to set it to Fn+Meta+f1(f2) I think the problem lies with QT not understanding the brightness keys
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