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Thread: Trouble with Wireless

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    Trouble with Wireless

    Forgive me ahead of time for being a n00b, hopefully I'm not too bad...

    About a year ago I bought a Toshiba Satellite A215-S5818 (link), and more recently I have decided try to go as open source as possible, which led me to Ubuntu. I decided using the Wubi installer was the easiest way to transition to the new Operating System, so I did. I wound up with Ubuntu 8.10, and everything is working great except my wireless.

    When I first booted up Ubuntu, the Hardware Drivers window showed an Atheros driver and it appeared to be activated, however, I could never find any wireless networks. After following the suggestions at the bottom of the first page of this thread I was able to discover my wireless network.


    So after surfing around, I'm noticing that my connection seems to be pretty unstable. I can surf the Internet (via Firefox) and it starts off great, but eventually the connection either starts to come and go, or perhaps it's slowing down and speeding up, I don't know. The Wireless Icon in my taskbar never changes, so I assume it never completely disconnects.

    Now I'm kinda rambling, but it's all about the details eh?

    I'm going with... the driver that I'm using just kinda works for my wireless card... but I'm brand new to Ubuntu, and Linux all together for the matter, so I'm open to suggestions. Ya got any?
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    Re: Trouble with Wireless


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    Re: Trouble with Wireless

    I suggest you try "windows wireless drivers" which can be installed in ubuntu.

    Please try following instructions from this link to install correctly:

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