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    Re: Firefox 1.5 Backport

    Quote Originally Posted by jdong
    OMG don't remind me
    That's what Devil's advocates are for.
    Quote Originally Posted by jdong
    Security team established a long solid record of backporting changes without incrementing version number (even if the packages were source level equivalent to later upstream version) for nearly 9 months, and all of a sudden one day decided to issue a bumped version starting with Firefox 1.0.6.
    I still have the feeling that was a marketing move. But the "you are using an oudated browser yaddayadda" at's web sites wasn't good press either, most Ubuntu users are getting their feet wet with Linux and don't understand the point of view of a responsible software engineer (or IT manager as that seems to be the hat I wear these days). That version bump was a quick and effective way to put out some nasty witch roasting bonfires already building at the time[1].
    Quote Originally Posted by jdong
    That's why this time we're taking it slowly. I've asked devs several times about Security Team's plans for security updates to Firefox for the rest of Breezy's security support cycle, and have yet to receive official word, though peers tell me that they will fight importing 1.5 to breezy-security to the death basically...

    That'll be something decided between phase 2 and 3.
    *Sigh* Considering the major Gecko ABI changes I can appreciate why the Security Team will stick its guns to the death. The need to update all dependent applications in main and universe would be too draining on the development of Dapper... Cross me fingers.

    [1] Like the nice napalm grenade thrown a couple of posts down...
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